WTC Group Aust Pty Ltd is a civil construction company located in Narrabri, NSW.  Founded by Managing Director, William Childs, in 2013, they are committing to providing reliable and professional services in the mining, agriculture industry. William is a reputable business owner with over 10 years experience in the industry, he is passionate about construction and is dedicated to achieving the highest results in all sectors of the business.

  • Civil construction
  • Agriculture
  • Mining Services
  • Plant Hire
  • Heavy Haulage

WTC Group undertake a broad range of projects and offer civil construction services with a focus on mining, specialised agricultural infrastructure and development, road and rail construction, local Council and State government projects and maintenance, and all aspects of residential, commercial, public and industrial development.

WTC Group service Rural, Regional, Remote and Metro locations Australia Wide. They have the skills and capabilities to undertake large and complex projects. Providing major project standard of work, safety and risk management, WTC delivers high performance across a broad range of projects. They maintain their modern fleet to a high standard through scheduled servicing and preventative maintenance performed by their experienced and qualified maintenance team. The WTC Group team is dedicated to meeting the quality, time, and cost specifications of our clients, plus have a proven ability to adhere to strict industry safety requirements.