Over 5 million healthy life years are lost in Australia each year due to ill health or injury. Just by living in a rural area you increase your likelihood of living with a chronic illness or disease. An analysis of Rural Fit’s 20,000 appointments and interactions per year combined with ABS health data identified that Rural Fit saved 11 lives across our network in 2022. A 2016 study by Deloitte found that for every $1 you spend with an exercise physiologist, there is a return of $10.50. Our charter is ‘excellence in health through freedom of movement’.

Rural Fit is a proud provider of allied services in the North West/New England and the Murray region. The Rural Fit team has worked with local, state and federal government departments in addition to local businesses across agriculture, manufacturing, mining, transport and healthcare industries.

Rural Fit also provides the following services to other local business and local government which may support your health and wellbeing goals.

  • Pre-employment Assessments – Rural Fit can provide assessments to determine pre-employment suitability for work.
  • WorkStation & Workplace Ergonomics and Manual Handling – We can do a simple education session as a group prior to a workstation check to ensure team members are using their equipment correctly. A report is provided for each individual for this service.
  • Return to Work Assessments – Rural Fit can assess if a team member is functionally fit to go back to work after an injury. This can be done with a specific assessment in relation to a specific injury or can be done via a pre-employment style general screening. A report is provided on completion of this assessment.
  • Early Intervention to support injury management – Rural Fit works with a number of other organisations to assist with the management of a niggling physical concern for potential injury. Rural Fit can see the team member and assess if exercise may assist with rehabilitation to get back to their role at work.
  • Job Dictionary/Manual – Rural Fit can identify and document physical movements for particular roles and tasks which can be used for training and education purposes.