GBP Cranes and Heavy Haulage is a locally owned and operated company specialising
in heavy equipment hire and haulage services.

GBP Cranes currently offers 27 cranes ranging in capacity from the 15t, 20t and 25t
Frannas, up to the brand new 250t Liebherr Slew Crane. While GBP Heavy Haulage fleet
includes a range of 9 axle platforms down to Extendable and widening low loaders along
with step decks, flat tops, b-doubles, tilt trays and newly acquired Road Train.

Due to its work with different clients, many of whom are large-scale and high-profile,
the health and safety standards of GBP Cranes workplaces and products remain
at industry best, with its employees being some of the highest-skilled in the industry.