Cotton Seed Distributors Ltd (CSD) has been supplying quality cotton planting seed to the Australian cotton industry since 1967. CSD was formed through the vision of Australia’s foundation cotton growers and remains committed to the success of today’s industry.


CSD is a major investor in cotton breeding, research and development, having developed a long and successful partnership with the CSIRO Cotton Breeding Program. CSD’s objective is to deliver elite varieties that are specifically bred and adapted to suit local growing conditions by delivering yield and quality outcomes to keep the Australian cotton industry at the premium end of global fibre market.


On behalf of the industry, CSD takes an active role in the development and licensing of the best in class biotechnology traits that add value to the overall performance of CSD varieties and to Australian growers.


CSD also conducts large scale replicated trials focused on varieties, technologies and techniques to assess performance across diverse environmental conditions; and provides industry wide extension services focused on cotton production and agronomy via the CSD Extension team and CottonInfo joint venture, in partnership with CRDC and Cotton Australia.