Monday, 26 September 2022


With the recent release of the Narromine to Narrabri Preferred Infrastructure/ Amendment Report by ARTC/Inland Rail, the limitless opportunities for the Narrabri region that the construction of the inland rail infrastructure will bring are one step closer to reality.

Countless Narrabri region-based businesses are chomping at the bit for the construction of the Narromine to Narrabri section of the Inland Rail to begin construction.

The Narrabri Industrial Network (“NIN”) have been heavily liaising with ARTC/Inland Rail for a number of years and reaching this point is a hugely encouraging and exciting time.

“Narrabri Industrial Network have been at the forefront of discussions with ARTC and Inland Rail representing the many members of our group.

 “Having ARTC and Inland Rail now confirm the preferred infrastructure plans for the Narromine to Narrabri section of Inland Rail is an exciting milestone. Many of our members have been long preparing for this time to arrive and are looking forward to an approval being granted and the project commencing so they can play their part in the construction of such an opportunistic piece of rail infrastructure.” said President of Narrabri Industrial Network Mr Justin Smith.

Narrabri Industrial Network wish to acknowledge the efforts and extensive lobbying of Narrabri Shire Council, led by Mayor Ron Campbell. The Council have for many years been lobbying to seize the opportunities of Inland Rail for Narrabri Shire and it is the understanding of NIN that these extensive efforts have been largely successful.

For example, the previous announcements:

  • That the Federal Government and ARTC/Inland Rail have committed to and funded the lifting of the rail overpass bridge over the Walgett line to a height to accommodate double stacked trains; approx. $10 million.
  • That Narrabri will be the site of the 6th NSW Government Special Activation Precinct (“SAP”).

These two announcements will see enormous opportunities materialise for the Narrabri region.

The development of the Narrabri SAP, incorporating the proposed Northern NSW Inland Port (“N2IP”) all connected to Inland Rail will see a gargantuan shift in the economic landscape of the Narrabri region and establish a foundation for many years of future prosperity.

“The Mayor has led the Council charge on capturing the benefits of Inland Rail for our Shire – we need the Council to now stay the course.

 “Whilst construction provides initial opportunities, we cannot ignore the long-term benefits that infrastructure such as this will provide for generations to come.” said Mr Smith.

The Inland Rail project ties together two of the key activity areas of the Narrabri Industrial Network; namely resources, energy, and infrastructure as well as the key activity area of agriculture.

Narrabri Shire is recognised internationally as an innovative centre for agricultural research and home to an extremely rich agricultural bulk commodities market, NIN is very much looking forward to working with its members and local producers to capitalise on opportunities to diversify and innovate as well as further value add and create shelf ready products for export to lucrative international and domestic markets.

One of the founding aims of the Narrabri Industrial Network was to bring investment and export opportunities to the Agri-sector, its producers, and processors to capitalise on local and export markets.

“Since our inception, NIN has worked to bring investment and export opportunities to our agriculture sector. The building of the Inland Rail provides the foundation and will be the enabler for this to occur. The population growth and population sustainability that Inland Rail will underpin is something that also needs acknowledging and with it creates even more enthusiasm.

 “NIN looks forward to a positive announcement concerning the project’s approval in the coming months.” concluded NIN President Justin Smith.

MEDIA: Kodey Sanford | Business Development Manager | 0448 151 437