The second richest agricultural shire in Australia, the Narrabri Shire has a diverse agricultural sector that produces world class products that are highly sort after globally.

Our Shire also Internationally recognised as an innovative centre for agricultural research and astronomy,

With an increasing demand for product to local and export markets, technology advances and increased transportation services reducing freight costs, Narrabri is uniquely positioned for growth in the agricultural sector.

NIN will bring investment and export opportunities to the agri sector, producers and processors to capatilise on local and export markets.

Historically a bulk commodities market, NIN will provide local producers opportunities to diversify and innovate.

  • To value add and create shelf ready products for export to lucrative international and domestic markets, with advocacy for major infrastructure and manufacturing investment.

NIN provides research and engagement with the agricultural and resource sectors to ensure the long term prosperity of co- existing industries within our region.

NIN has a focus on supporting sustainability, innovation, diversity and efficiency of agribusiness, to ensure long term growth in our ever changing environment.